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Monday, February 6, 2012

Increasing Importance of Cross Platform Mobile App Development Today

Worldwide consumers and businesses are adopting smart phones at a rapid rate. Along with this there is a huge proliferation of mobile operating systems available on these smart phones. These mobile operating systems including Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, Web OS, and Windows Phone 7 are all evolving fast and encircling the markets today.

A wide variety of mobile platforms with significantly different firmware, capabilities, features and restrictions impose challen
ges to developing and distributing a solution across multiple mobile platforms. It is critical to e
xploit the unique capabilities of each device while maximizing software reuse and development efficiency. In most of the scenarios, enterprises end up developing separate versions for each targeted platform, which increases time-to market and maintenance overhead. In order to overcome this difficulty the new concept of multiple cross platform mobile app development started.

However, the need to build a mobile website or invest in building native application is not easy to decide. There can be no doubt that you need to have a website optimized for mobile devices and the best way to
build and maintain that

website is not a simple decision. With cross platform mobile app development, you have to understand that you will be making compromises on the native look, feel and features of devices. Thus you can use multiple cross platform mobile app development for favorable business and personal usage to ease the way things get utilized.

Important Benefits of Universal Cross Platform Mobile Application Development
Cross-platform mobile app frameworks being open source has support from a large community of developers
• Simplifies deployment and maintenance
• Connect to any database or Web service
• You can build once and deploy cross platform
• Increases sales/profits & augments your brand like never before
• Users can have access to the apps from various places instead of one
• Once written, used everywhere – saves lot of development time
• You can distribute same app to a huge user base
• Achieve more diversity on different app development platforms
• Get option of integrating native features of all smart phones/mobiles
• User can now buy app once and use it on any mobile or web platform that supports it

Various categories of Apps with Cross Platform Mobile App Development include:
News, Business, Utilities, Productivity, Finance, Games, Books, Media/Entertainment, Photo/Video, Travel, Health and others

Thus it is evident and need of the hour to choose Mobile App Development Company India through outsourcing option to obtain your desired cross platform mobile app developed and you can hire Mobile app developer to achieve your dream mobile app for cross platform support.

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