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Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Features in iPhone 4 Applications Leave You Awestruck

With every OS update, new features are added in the iPhone. The iPhone 4 update came with some of the most astonishing features. The anyways smart phone became far more organized with the new apps developed by iPhone 4 Apps developer. Today let’s glance through some of the most revered features of iPhone 4 update.

1)            Local notifications: Any important notification would be popped up even if you are working through other app. This iPhone 4 application is very beneficial because you won’t miss out on something important.

2)            App switching: iPhone 4 apps developers have made this with finesse. They have made sure that if you urgently close the phone then all apps would remain in frozen state so when you reopen them then they are found exactly in the same state as they were at the time of closing. Even switching between the apps is also faster.

3)            iBooks: The eBooks you used to carry in your iPad are now a part of the iPhone. The iBooks eBook reader and eBook store can now be carried with you in your phone instead of the tablet. This is simply great!

4)            iAds: With this fascinating iPhone 4 application, you can buy products directly from the advertisement, or the video you are watching or the game you are playing.

5)            Bluetooth keyboard: iPhone 4 apps developers brought it finally on the smart phone. The Bluetooth keyboard can now be accessed on your iPhone with the iPhone 4 update.
Many more such features are a part of iPhone 4 update. If you want to refurbish your iPhone, just update the OS and start enjoying the newly embedded features!!

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