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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Four Must-Have iPhone Multimedia Apps

Getting bored? Then download some of the most popular iPhone multimedia apps from Apple apps store. These entertainment gems for the iPhone will keep you engage for days. These multimedia apps will get the most out of your digital vault of MP3s, videos and photos.

The Apple app store has a towering array of multimedia apps to choose from. Here are some of the iPhone multimedia apps that needs to be in your must have list if you're a multimedia addict.


This free app is really imperative for identifying music tracks whether on TV or radio. There is no substitute for Shazam. The best part is that just put your iPhone close to an audio source and Shazam will return just in seconds with the track name, artist and album. This app also let you buy from the iTunes the song it identifies as well it easily allows you to share your findings with your friends.


If you have that creative instinct and love to use your brushes for your wonderful creation, then this is apt for you. Brushes come in handy whenever and wherever inspiration strikes you. Better than paper, Brushes offer great undo and redo options. Using Brushes you can go beyond your imagination, using realistic brushes and  virtually any color you want.


Looking for the nearest movie theater? And what are the showtimes? Get every information about your the theaters located nearby and the movies they are streaming. With this app, you will also get to know the showtimes. Movies on iPhone also integrates with IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes for user reviews and ratings.

If you can't decide which movie to watch, this app determines your location, show trailers of all the latest releases, and also grabs ticket info for most theaters.

SlingPlayer Mobile

Ever wanted to take whole TV in your palm? If you download SlingPlayer Mobile, you can enjoy TV shows on your iPhone anywhere a Wi-Fi access point is available. The best thing is you can watch on your iPhone anything you can see on your TV at home and you can even control your cable or satellite set-top box and DVR, or even your Apple TV.

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