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Monday, December 10, 2012

Five iPhone Healthcare Apps for Healthy Lifestyle

Healthcare industry is a pioneer in adopting advanced technology like mobility in its daily activities along with strategic operations. The growing awareness about health among the masses has thus brought a great revolution in iPhone healthcare apps development. There are numerous apps that help both doctors and patients to keep the health records. Normally, doctors face the challenges of maintaining patient records, offering medical services to the remotest of locations as well as innovative and affordable healthcare apps that help in providing quality services to the patients.

Here are some of the iPhone healthcare apps with reviews that may help you to decide which one best suits you according to your health requirements.

Blood Pressure Monitor
This app keeps track of your important health statistics, which includes blood pressure, weight, and heart beat rate, right on your iPhone or iPad. It’s the health tracking apps that offers lifetime data visualization with exceptional features, which you find worth after downloading. . 

Blood Test Guide
Want to understand your Blood Test Report? This informative medical app analysis your report and provides clear and easy to understand information about your blood test result. The attributes of this app are just for information purpose, and subjected to be discussed with your physician or healthcare expert. .

iTake – Supplements and Pills Tracker
Are you on multiple medications recommended by your doctor? Keeping a track of all your pills and supplements intake is really an arduous job. iTake an exceptional health care app will help you keep track of all your medications on your iPhone. It also provides your supplier information, price per supplement, when to reorder and where to reorder. Really a very helpful app for people who are on regular medications.

WebMD - Is There a Doctor in My iPhone
An extraordinary app that acts parallel to a physician. The WebMD health care app comes with exceptional features. It offers numerous high-end functionalities such as conditions, symptom checker, drugs and treatments, first aid information, local health listings, and many more.

This is a powerful app developed for the physician to effectively explain the patient’s health issues. It efficiently communicates and share information about conditions and procedures regarding various medical problems. DrawMD aids physician in creating detailed, interactive visuals to easily explain the most complicated issues and procedures, which removes the gap of understanding as well increases patient’s satisfaction.

According to our editors these are some of the best iPhone medical apps. Share your best ones below in the comment box.

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