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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Looking for The Popular Games for Your iPhone 4S?

Got your new iPhone 4S and confused which games to download? Don't worry! Here we have got you some of the best games which you will download as soon as you finish reading. (I’m confident!) iPhone 4S possesses A5 microprocessor which is the same that is used to power the iPad 2. Compared to its predecessor - iPhone 4, this Apple device has twice the speed and seven times the graphic power
and a lot of resource room. With iPhone4S, developers can now make the real games to entice the game lovers.

The new iPhone 4S comes with A5's horsepower and the iOS 6 which offers developers more space to create lifelike environment for you to wonder around. In the coming times, you will see more than Fruit Ninja, Angry birds, Cut the Rope in the iTunes. Here's we have listed down the most popular games for your iPhone 4S according to our editors.

Infinity Blade II: Infinity Blade II is one of the most exciting and adventurous game produced by the Epic Games and developed by Chair Entertainment, this is a sequel to 2010's groundbreaking iOS game. The graphic part is its unique selling point, but the gameplay is also highly absorbing. It brings you the customizable weapons and whip out two swords to take on the giant enemies. The best combination of a great gameplay environment and intuitive combat controls make this game an inevitably an exclusive wonderful sequel.

Real Racing 2: Similar to Formula F1 Race! From Firemint developer, Real Racing 2 is just a long race taking you to a fantasy world. You will experience better handling, excellent switching gears, true-to-life racing sim and a half dozen control options and many other features like steering sensitivity slider to experience a real life road race. With 40 miles of tracks and 15 locations, it's iOS' most complicated GT racing game. Just download if you are really looking to compete in a race.

Dead Space: Love to play with ghosts? Experience a thrill of horror on your iPhone. It is one of the best iOS games in EA's 100 plus iTunes games collection. Makeshift weapons and creatively designed enemies do their part in playing into this bloody horror scenario. The third person shooter's graphics successfully capture the eerie nature of the 2008 console game, and complete with dark corridors and a clean HUD. Have that guts to encounter ghosts then surely this game is for you so just go and get it on your iPhone 4S.

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