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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Best iPhone News Applications of the Current Time

Smart phones like iPhone keep you updated with the latest happenings through their news applications. They give you instant update about what is going around in the world. The current happenings are served hot through these iPhone news applications. The apps include news sites, blog sites, RSS feeds, videos, photo galleries and  more features.

There are many iPhone News applications available on the iTunes but the following are topping the popularity charts:

AP Mobile News Network: When you want instant update about latest happenings, this iPhone news app brings the  news from Associated Press. You can even customize this application as per your choice of news. It can be sports, entertainment, business or anything that grabs your attention and keep a tab on the breaking stories of your subject of interest. Its simple user interface proves efficient for watching videos and pictures. You can just type a keyword and get all the related news. Searching news at fast pace is best served with this app.

NPR Mobile: If you are a radio fan then this iPhone news application suits you the best. It gives news from NPR, the best radio station. You can easily download podcasts from NPR shows. You can watch pictures and even listen to your favorite segment of the show.  Searching through personality names or program names is also possible with NPR Mobile. All you NPR fans will love this application!!

Pocket Express: This iPhone News application has features to organize news into various categories. Checking the local movie time, weather and climate information and latest sports news is possible with this app. You can even call Pocket Express as it offers a 24x7 assistance through phone. This super cool functionality is very effective in emergency or disaster situations as you can get detailed news on phone.

All these smart iPhone news applications can be downloaded from iTunes store for free. So, all you have to do is go on iTunes and download any of these iPhone news apps!

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