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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

iPod Touch Functionality Lends Helping Hand to Autistic People

Technology breeds efficiency! This statement is completely justified by Autistic patients by the use of iPod Touch. The device facilitates the Autistic patients by bringing orderliness in their day to day life. The Autism disorder affects the normal functioning of the brain. The patients suffering from this order lacks social and communication skills. They forget things easily plus are unable to resolve simple things due to non uniform memory.

An experiment was conducted by the department of Occupational therapy, Virginia Commonwealth University. In this, Occupational therapist were used to train Autistic patients to regulate their routine life, job through the use of iPod Touch applications. Autistic patients were appointed on vocational jobs and were given a job coach. Customized iPod Touch with specific apps were given to each trainee.

They were trained to use the various features like list, alarms, reminders and cues from the task manager. Even video prompts and self management tools were incorporated in the iPod Touch to help the trainees feel comfortable with the job routine. After experimenting with many ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) patients,  the researchers concluded that iPod Touch Apps are proving a great helping hand to all these people.

This experiment is breeding excellent results by enhancing the professional and behavioral skills of the ASD patients. Many companies are offering iPod Touch apps development to improve the behavioral pattern of people. These applications are working like magic for ASD patients who otherwise would need human support to perform well in their jobs.

You can hire iPod Touch apps developers for developing custom specific apps to help your friends or relatives in simplifying the complexities of ASD. As the experiment has proved very successful, it should be implemented to relieve people from the problems of Autism. Outsourcing companies can be contacted for developing iPod Touch applications to facilitate individuals.

Well, the use of technology for improvising the behavior and efficiency of ASD is certainly a welcome change! And more of such programs should be encouraged to help people suffering the unwelcome traumas of their life.

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