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Friday, September 28, 2012

Immaculate Mobile Applications Through iPhone iOS 6 Update

Hey have you heard about the latest software update from Apple Inc.? Yes, Its the iPhone iOS 6 update! Well that's the latest news rolling in the gadget world. In a short span, this operating system update has become a favorite of Apple users and developers. With ravishing new features the OS proves very enticing and promises to add novelty to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Moreover, iPhone iOS 6 update is easy to upgrade wirelessly on all devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and is absolutely free. The optimized features of this iOS 6 are Maps, Siri, Facebook, FaceTime, Shared Photo streams, Passbook, Mail and Safari.

Let's look at the details of some of these features:

Maps: The vector based map elements, graphics and text show absolute details about the maps while zoomed on the mobile device. This app even gives the name of street and places when you tilt and rotate your iPhone or iPad. You can get the traffic updates for turn by turn navigation in visual and vocal format. You can also view the cityscape in high resolution.

Siri: A complete voice assistance, Siri is a delight of iPhone iOS 6 update. You just have to speak what app you need to open or what task you need to do (message, email) and Siri sincerely does that for you. You can also get the scores, stats, locations, reviews and show times. Siri could be used to post Facebook and Twitter updates as well.

FaceTime: With the iPhone iOS 6 beta 3, you can make and receive FaceTime calls everywhere through cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Even you can make an iPad FaceTime call through an iPhone number. Get the feel of all the gestures through these calls, it doesn't let you miss that special smile, eye roll or wink.

Mail: With an attractive looking interface, the mail functionality in iOS 6 update facilitate you in creating a VIP list of people whose mail fall in 'not to be missed' category. In addition, you just swipe down to refresh your mail account plus adding images and videos in the mail becomes much more easier now.

Safari: Web browsing experience gets a whole new dimension with the iOS 6 update. As this update uses the iCloud functionality, the sites you visited can be tapped in this OS. You can also change devices while browsing and can start from the web page you left through another device. This is fantastic! The landscape view makes browsing a lot more fun and adds visual appeal to it.

These are the most alluring features of iOS 6 update beta version which adds a lot more to the Apple gadgets.  So, if you own an Apple device and have not yet switched to iOS 6 update, just do it now!!

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