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Monday, September 24, 2012

Get the Best Financial iPhone Apps To Check Your Cash Flow

Managing your money is the most difficult matter. So, to keep a check on all your financial matters, personal iPhone finance apps are of great help. With hundred of apps coming in the market every month, you may miss some of the most useful ones. Here is the list of the some of the most popular iPhone finance applications which can be very much useful. This collection will definitely get you started using your iPhone to manage your money.

1. Balance: Balance is a basic application that helps you manage the balances on all of your accounts. Whenever you make a purchase, pay a bill or deposit a cheque, you simply enter the transaction into the app. It then recalculates your new balances using the previous entries. This iPhone finance application also supports recurring transactions like that of monthly spa membership and enters them automatically.

2. A great app for your personal finance management, offers efficient budgeting tools. This iPhone money application securely connects to your bank accounts to track and summarize expenditures. It allows you to manually enter expenses and cash transactions on-the-go, such that your accounts are up-to-date.

3. Debt Minder: Debt Minder will help you out if you are struggling to pay credit card debt and student loans. The app tracks debts for big purchases like cars, credit cards and student loans as well as monitors you how to pay them off. With the color-coded graphics and charts, the app lets you visualize where your money going and how you are handling your overall debts.

4. iTrade: If you are interested in stock market but worried about putting your finances at risk then look no further than iTrade. This iPhone stock application helps you manage the virtual stock portfolio, sharing information with other members as well as research stocks with news and history graphs. iTrade looks and feel like real trading platform. Practicing  on the app will prepare you for the real stock market while eliminating risks.

5. PayPal: PayPal app is one of the most popular financial apps available for the iPhone. This finance application helps you send money to people as gifts, collect funds for a group and receive payments. It is also useful to create and manage fund raising campaigns. PayPal apps help you save time writing cheques and trekking to the ATM.

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