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Monday, April 19, 2010

Migrate iPhone/iPod Apps to iPad, iPhone Application Migration to iPad, iPod to iPad

iPod / iPhone Application Migration to iPad

iPod / iPhone Application Migration to iPad
Now, you can feel a new experience is getting you iPhone and iPod applications on the iPad tablet through development of existing iPod/iPhone apps for the iPad. In addition to the 1,40,000 apps that run comfortably well on the iPad, you could also use your existing iPhone applications on the tablet device and watch your apps don an enlarged appearance and a refreshing experience when visualized on the 9.7 inch multi touch screen.
Our iPad application developers understand the technical tweaks that would be required to an iPhone application to make it work well on the iPad and could utilize the unique features of the iPad that would give the entire application an absolutely different feel and make it iPad-compatible. iPod / iPhone Application Migration to iPad would bring a new delight to your tablet device with development of customized iPad apps from from existing iPhone/iPod apps.
Now, that the Apple iPad has already hit the stores and is believed to be a huge success, our iPad developers stand ready for migrating iPhone/iPod applications to the iPad. Most of the iPhone and iPod apps would run unchanged on the iPad but our dedicated iPad experts work dexterously at creating wonders even when an existing iPhone app is migrated on to an iPad.
If you wish to bring an extra fun to your iPad tablet by iPod / iPhone Application Migration to iPad, look no further. We are able to bring almost any category of existing iPhone application, from entertainment to music, from books to lifestyle, to the iPad. Contact us now. iPod / iPhone Application Migration to iPad

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